Adopting A Puppy From Cabana Babies
There are a few things that need to be said before we go any further.
1. Prices are firm. These are valuable, loving, live, healthy, happy, little creatures, that I have spent a lot of time, love and effort raising underfoot in my own home, feeding them quality food. These puppies in no way NEED to be sold, I will be more than happy to keep them with me for their entire lives. This is an opportunity for YOU to have a wonderful little life long, devoted friend. I run a respectable, professional business with references available upon request. You can see some of these references on our main page, just click on "Raves and Reviews". This is not a yard sale where we dicker for the price of a used lawn mowner.
2. Puppies go home with first set of shots, dewormed, Royal Canin Puppy Care Guide, royal canin puppy food sample, scented toy (smells of their pack), scented blankie (smells of their pack), birth certificate, information on the breed, a copy of our contract, follow up information, wee wee pads, a sample of our treats and more.
3. Please note! We are in Copalis Beach, WA. If you would like to come and see the puppies please call and set up an appointment. It will be after they have their first set of shots and time for them to recoup from those shots.
4. We do require that you come here and see the puppy in it's own envirement where it feels safe for him/her and is free of virus' or any desease, if you wish to visit him or her pryor to adoption day. However, if you live locally we have found that it makes the transition easier if we could visit your home with the puppy after they have had their shots.
5. The final pick up day ( Adoption Day ), you need to come to our office to pick her or him up, unless you live locally, in wich case we would love to come to you and drop the puppy off personally to make the transition easier on the baby. There is a whole package that needs to go with them and a contract that needs to be signed and photocopied that we cannot and will not do in a parking lot somewhere. We have found that when we meet people at our place of business or at their house, everything is more relaxed, not rushed and easier on everyone involved including the puppy. That's very important as you may have questions or we may have questions for you, there are follow up instructions for each puppy and I prefer to take the time to introduce you to your new puppy properly.
6. We are VERY friendly people and are very laid back and would LOVE to hear from you if you are interested in a puppy. Please consider that these puppies are like our babies and we only want what is best for them.
Now to adopt a puppy please fill out the following application for adoption and email it back to us asap at

Click Here to download the application.

Next, once you approved, you will be notified of any litters / puppies that fill the description of what you are looking for.  At that time, you will be given the option to either put a deposit down on that puppy to hold him or her for you, or pass and wait for another litter.

A deposit can be placed via paypal or cash in person.  All deposits are non refundable.

The next step is to sit back, join Cabana Babies page on Facebook, and watch as we post videos and pictures and wieghts of your puppy online for you to see!

Adoption day will be announced once we see how independant and large and healthy the puppies are anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks depending on the puppy.  That is when you can come and pick up your puppy! yaaaaay! Please allow at least one hour to visit with us, go over our contract, (to see a sample of the contract please click here) and let us give you the whole list of follow up instructions and say goodbye to our little baby.

Yes there is more after that! We want pictures, videos, letters etc!  You don't HAVE to but please please send some or post some on facebook for us to see! We really really want to see how our puppies are doing!  We do have family reunions and would love to see you and our little Cabana Baby there!

To adopt a puppy simply call us at 253-214-6683 , email us at or contact us in facebook under Cabana Babies.


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