" Bobbi cares for her animals very well, and they are well behaved, and loving.. She hand raises the puppies, and really cares who she sells to... I definitely recommend buying a pup from Cabana Babies, if you want a healthy, socialized dog..This is from personal knowledge, having lived close to them for a few months.."... Lisa Watson

Are you planning to breed miss daisy with apricot jack again...EVER?
If you do we want another baby : - )
Our angel is doing great...


Anna was adopted out to a wonderful woman. Unfortunetly, Anna passed away due to complications during spaying.
I love Peanut, he is the best dog ever!!! I am so happy that my daughter ran across Cabana Babies when she did or I wouldn't have my little guy. He is fiesty, talks a lot! and is very affectionate - love him so much I can't imagine my life without him.
This picture of Susie Q. ended up in the local newspaper!
We have a wonderful rave and review from Susie Q. that you can see by clicking here.

(It is in pdf format)
hello,i am very very satisfied with nalla she is my baby girl.i love her so so so much i am so so happy i found her on cabana babies you guys gave me all her information gave me more pictures and gave me food and something to comfort her when she came with us you guys also helped me through everything by giving me a book and websites thank you so so much.if i ever want another dog i would definitely come to you
Koa is doing great, she loves juneau alaska, had lots of fun. she hasnt forgot you guys though she has dog friends shes 7.5 pounds now. Anyways, shes doing great...

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